Who Am I?

I'm Wonder WomanWho am I? No, seriously, I was hoping you could help me figure that out.

I kid. My name is Vivian Nelson Melle. I’m a mom, wife, writer, counselor and life coach. I’m also crafty. What’s that mean? Well, I’m good at getting things done even if I don’t technically have the means. I learned much from my grandmother and mother about reusing items and repurposing. I stayed home with my daughter for 10 years and learned how to live with less than pay check to paycheck funds. Overall, crafty for me means simple. I’m a simplicity ambassador. I want to help others bring simple living into their realm of possibilities. My ultimate goal is to leave the earth and it’s people in a better place than they were when I arrived.

Here you may find information on crafts, hobbies and entertainment. You might also find information on health and wellness. Of course I am the quintessential comic and sci-fi geek, so that’ll spill its guts onto this site. I also love eating so there will be food talk. I really try to eat vegetarian, and sometimes vegan, but likely you’ll find a mix of all foods here. I’m proud of my cultures so you may see lots of Mexican, Danish and French themed items. Because of my background in special education and counseling I’m kinda a self proclaimed guru on working with kiddos and families so I might sneak in some of that goodness too.

I pretty much find any way I possibly can to live off of my creativity and talents and here is where I’ll highlight that.

Hopefully you stayed to read about me. I look forward to becoming a part of your online time.


P.S. Vivian Nelson Melle is my writing site and I love working with small businesses and individuals.

P.S.S. Go check out Holistic Coaching and Consulting. That’s my life coaching site and I’d love to help you live a stress-less life.